Coming in late 2016, Pen Sword Press will be a quarterly, multi-genre literary magazine of popular fiction and non-fiction by veterans and servicemembers.

This year’s theme: Closing the Civ-Mil Gap

1. We received a number of submissions–unfortunately not the number or variety we needed to meet either the goal of a multi-genre magazine or the goal of publishing quarterly. While the latter goal could be massaged without difficulty, it is the former that would set this project apart from the myriad of other literary journals currently out there.

2. As a writer, I cannot ask any of the submitters to allow us to tie up their work for any longer; I will be sending out emails that will explain the situation and invite writers to re-submit in the future (or to ask permission to maintain contact and use their work in the future, even as a re-print.)

3. Pen Sword Press will be re-trenching and re-evaluating, finding ways to invite more content, and publicize the project. In the last six months, I’ve learned many lessons and will put them to good use to achieve the goal of the magazine, which is to publish entertaining stories in a variety of genres to appeal to a popular audience.

Thank you once again for your patience, and stay tuned for more changes in the coming month!

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