Pen Sword Press spans the civilian-military gap by publishing short form writing by veterans and servicemembers that appeals to a popular audience.

Key Tasks

  • Publish accessible, entertaining stories across a variety of genres.
  • Provide veterans and servicemembers a forum to tell their own stories.
  • Solicit sponsorships/patrons in order to provide issues free of charge to the public while compensating contributors fairly.

Concept of the Operation

Phase One: The first reading period for Pen Sword Press opens 1 October 2015 and continues until 31 January 2016. During this time, all selections will be made for the 2016 issues. At the end of the reading period, all authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection, edits and contracts will be sent out, and the first issue will be sent to the graphic designer for compilation. Simultaneously, the editor will approach various avenues to solicit sponsorships as well as open the Patron Page for those wishing to contribute to the goal of fairly compensating all contributors while ensuring that the publication remains free of charge to the reading public.

Phase Two: The first issue launches in March 2016 with its Spring edition. Future editions will be published on a quarterly basis. The editorial intent is to shape each issue along a sub-theme that complements the larger, annual theme. Each issue will consist of five pieces in a variety of genres, and will be available for download free of charge in three formats: .PDF, .mobi, and .epub.

Phase Three: At the end of the first year, the editorial staff will conduct an after action review in order to determine what can be improved, and what should be maintained. We will then use that feedback to shape our second year.